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Mini Gold Dust Collector

Processes like Laser marking, Gold Hall Marking, Laser Engraving , Cutting and other Jewellery Processing Applications involves the removal of gold which produces gold dust particles.
In Apzem’s Gold Dust Collector, the dust particles are captured at the source and goes through two stages of filtration. By Two stage filtration even micron level particles are captured and recovered without any loss. It is very compact and easily portable. It is a an effective and economical solution for recovering of gold dust.

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Apzem Gold Fume Extractors are highly efficient, compact, medium duty fume extraction system suitable for extraction and recovery of precious metal dust such as Gold, Silver, Platinum etc. that are generated during all kinds of   Applications such as Gold Hallmarking, Gold Engraving, Cutting, Jewelry Manufacturing etc. Apzem Gold Fume Extractor is custom designed to cater the needs of Jewelry Processing Industry.

Apzem’s Gold Fume Extractors are built with high quality Metal that comes with Powder coated exterior finish. All our extractors are built with specially designed filters that efficiently extracts and recovers very fine precious metal dust particles.



APZEM Gold Fume Extractor is designed specifically to control fumes efficiently and to save precious metals like Gold, Silver that are extracted along with the fumes while extraction due to the high suction.

The Fumes are trapped efficiently by a Hepa Media which traps fumes /dust upto 0.5 microns, the precious metal particles are collected above the filter and can be collected by sealing the one way opening completely and then it is separated.

The fumes generated during various operations like laser marking, laser cutting, laser engraving are efficiently captured and the loss of precious metals are prevented and ensuring safe work environment .

Model No APZEM GX225, Gold fume dust extractors.
Dimension 475mm (W) X 500mm(D) X 775mm(H)
Air Handling Volume 340 m3/hr. (200 CFM) Adjustable
Vacuum (Max) 60 mm WC
Electrical Wire 3 wire, Single Phase, 3 meter Length.
Sound Rating 65 dBA
Operating Temperature 05– 50 Deg C
Stages of Filtration
  • Combined two stages of filtration.
  • Very High Efficient Filters (99.997% at capturing 0.3 microns particles and 99.7% efficiency in Capturing 0.1 micron particles)
  • ODOUR /GAS Filter (Optional)
Arm Fully adjustable extraction arm with hood.
MOC Cabinet fully made of Carbon Steel.
Exterior Finish Powder coated finish.
Electrical Controls Fully Analog controls with feather touch keypad.
Speed control 0 to 340 m3/hr, variable air flow control.
  • Easy Recovery of Precious Metals
  • Low noise
  • Compact design & Portable
  • Sturdy construction
  • Speed adjustable
  • 99% efficiency up to 0.3 microns
  • Filter choke indication
  • Prevention against loosing precious metals
  • Highly efficient Specially Designed Filters
  • High Suction Capacity
  • Hallmarking
  • Gold Engraving
  • Cutting
  • Welding
  • Jewelry Manufacturing
  • Adjustable extraction arm (P/N : AEA-001)
  • Flexible Fabric hose ( P/N : AFH – 002 )
  • Table Mount Clamp (P/N : ATC – 003)
  • Custom Hoods
  • Deep bed Filter (P/N : ACF-012)
  • HEPA Filter (P/N : AHF – 013)
  • Carbon Filter( P/N : AFH – 014)

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