Paint Booth scrubber

  Paint Booth scrubber

Paint booth Scrubber

Paint booth is an important system in paint shop, where the paint is sprayed to any equipment. We design paint booth scrubber using dry scrubbing technology to remove over spray and other contaminants before discharging into atmosphere. It is required to consider adequate exhaust and filtration system while designing pain booth. The majority of paint booth uses dry scrubbing technology rather than wet type because of ease of operation and maintenance. Dry scrubber serve purpose of capturing solvent emitted from paint booth and other contaminants. In order to increase the efficiency and to minimize downtime, the dry scrubber system is need to be custom designed for based on conditions.

Working principle of paint booth dry scrubber

The unit has filter layers to separate paint particulate from the exhaust air stream. Many type of materials are available for filtration. Activated carbon will be used for removing the solvent or other gaseous contaminants coming from paint booth. The dry scrubber system requires filter, activated carbon replacements after it is saturated with pollutants.  Even though dry scrubber require periodic maintenance, it is better choice for low to medium operation.


Paint booth

Paint over spray


Solvents or VOCs

Other pollutants from paints

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